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Lisa Lampanelli takes on the Westboro Church

Last night, funny lady Lisa Lampanelli played a show in Topeka, Kansas, the home of the spawn of satan Westboro Baptist Church. The church is full of attention-whoring bigots who protest anything from comedy shows to Justin Bieber concerts and the funerals of people they think God is glad are dead (insert question mark here). Then again, who says the party starts on the weekend? Somewhere, a fag has killed himself or a soldier’s head has been blown off – REJOICE!

Finally, someone has found a way to turn the Westboro Church’s hate into la-la-loooove. Lisa Lampanelli announced that she would be donating $1,000 to Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the oldest HIV/AIDS prevention organization in the world, for every Westboro member who protested outside her show.

"It’s gonna be hilarious to write out the cheques to the GMHC and have them send thank-you notes to the WBC for their ‘generous contributions,’” Lisa told TMZ. “I’d love to see their inbred faces when they open those thank-you notes! Hopefully their jaws will drop so fast that their three remaining teeth and Cro-Magnon foreheads will plummet to the floor." 


The numbers are in – she counted 44 protesters, which means $44,000 will be donated to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Hell yes. Sorry, Westboro, but Lisa Lampanelli is God now! 

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