Brian Topp
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Lisa Raitt puts her foot down

Economy in crisis! A potential strike by
Air Canada flight attendants has the labour minister on the warpath, insisting she will not allow a strike to happen. Will she recall the House of
Commons during a constituency week to push through back-to-work legislation?
Will we see another filibuster from the NDP?

(Note: please read the above paragraph with
the newsreel voice of The Clone Wars.)

Pollster Nik Nanos thinks that Brian Topp’s
leadership campaign risks becoming an “elite juggernaut,” as he judges that
Topp controls much of the party’s organization.

Here’s a look back at Catherine Callbeck
(now a Liberal senator), when she was the first elected female premier in the

Liberal MP Hedy Fry takes a look back at 40
years of official multiculturalism in Canada.

Saskatchewan kicks off an election campaign
while Newfoundland and Labrador is set to go to the polls.

And here’s an interesting read about what
happens when speechwriters hate what their bosses want them to
write. Because that would never happen in politics.

This week: As previously mentioned, it’s a
constituency week for MPs, so that means things should flow at a much
slower pace. Expect a lot of government-spending announcements on local

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