Toronto Diary
1 min

LMFAO finally wins me over. With peen.

Oh, LMFAO… You know, at first I was unsure about you guys. I thought you looked like hipster date-rapists, you sounded a bit too much like the Black Eyed Peas for comfort, and if your mannerisms were any indication, I was more than willing to bet money that your mother conceived you long before anyone knew about fetal alcohol syndrome.

And then you made a music video about men stripping off all their clothes and shaking their junk at each other. Congratulations, LMFAO: I finally see your worth.

You know, I really don’t ask much from artists: just that they make good music that isn’t completely brain dead or designed specifically to sell Pepsi (once again, see: Black Eyed Peas). That being said, if you can’t really pull that off, waving your cock around like a white flag? Acceptable. You win, LMFAO. You’re not completely awful.

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