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Lock up your sons and daughters!

There is a disease running rampant in our nation. There is no cure. It doesn’t kill you physically, but it kills your soul. This foul, deplorable, repugnant sickness is the greatest threat facing our people today – homosexuality! You can catch it by standing too close to a homosexual-positive person, breathing the same air as them or staring at their flashy shoes. At the first inclination that you, too, might want flashy shoes, you’ll know that you’ve been infected and there is no hope. Within minutes you’ll be shoving cucumbers up your ass while listening to Barbra Streisand.


Lock Up Your Sons and Daughters, compiled in 2001 by Bill Taylor, is a series of anti-gay propaganda films. The compilation has travelled the globe, and the hilarity returns to Pacific Cinémathèque on June 7! Tickets are $15 and proceeds will go to the Bob Loblaw Queer Arts Society. Reserve your tickets before they sell out by emailing

To see exactly what the program takes the piss out of, watch a clip (below) from Boys Beware, a real film from 1961 by the lovely, tender-hearted and ever-progressive Sid Davis. 

FYI: Boys Beware was endorsed by both the Inglewood Police Department and the Inglewood Unified School District. This would explain why most homosexuals from Inglewood, California, who were in school during the ‘60s are either dead from AIDS or still living in their mothers’ basements. 

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