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Logo announces homo-less new lineup

If you haven’t been frequenting the gay blogosphere today, then chances are you’ve missed the announcement of Logo’s new slate of shows, not one of which features a gay lead. Yes, despite being the biggest LGBT channel in the USA, all their new shows feature beauty pageant kids, mob daughters or dogs.

But is this really the worst thing in the world?

At first, I was a little weirded out by the news, but then I remembered that a) we don’t get Logo up here anyway, and b) no offence to Logo, but I can’t really name any of their shows that doesn’t involve the goddess that is RuPaul.

LGBT people don’t only watch shows that target them specifically. Granted, they’ll be more likely to, but they’re not just going to watch gay TV only. People are going to watch TV they like, and sometimes those shows don’t cater to them specifically. Not every episode of Community or Parks and Recreation is going to deal exclusively with gay issues, but I’ll still watch them anyway because they’re well-written and -acted shows that deal with universal themes. Gay characters and story lines are mixing into mainstream TV, so I can’t blame Logo for letting more widespread issues and ideas onto their cable channel. But only if they keep airing Drag Race and Drag U. God help those bitches if they rob me of my daily fix of vitamin Ru.

What about you guys? Do you feel Logo should implement more gay characters in its new lineup or are you happy with the gay presence on the Big Four channels right now? Or do you think everything on last night’s Glee after Karofsky’s suicide attempt was a total waste of time that took away from the most important aspect of the night? 

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