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Logo’s Felt

Lamar and Donald are two men in a 10-year relationship. Their partnership is “happy and good,” but Lamar is concerned that the spark may be dying because Donald is not hitting the gym enough.

“I’ve told him, from the beginning, that I’m very turned on by a body that is physically fit,” Lamar says.

“For the record, I’m not 300 pounds,” Donald snaps back.

This couple is putting their personal problems on television for everyone to see — well, to hear.
Lamar and Donald are one of the many couples who have agreed to have their therapy sessions recorded and reenacted with puppets in exchange for free advice on Logo’s new series Felt.

The brainchild of producers Maris Berzins, Diana Nguyen and Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Felt also features a dyke couple in their 30s who are suffering from “lesbian bed death” and Christians in their 20s who think they jumped into matrimony too soon.

“Puppets have a charm to them; they’re cute, they make things fun,” consulting producer Kirk Thatcher, who is an alum of another hilarious puppet show, Crank Yankerstold The New York Times. “Part of it is the physicality. They don’t have legs. A puppet with a dildo is funny, because it’s flopping around.”