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London lesbians, Brazilian volleyball and Indian law

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Anti-trans lesbian group interrupts London Pride

Organizers for Pride in London have apologized for failing to stop a group of lesbians from sneaking into the front of the city’s Pride parade and protesting against transgender people. [BBC]

Indian high court to hear homosexuality case

Starting this week, the highest court of India will hear a case seeking to overturn the country’s ban on gay sex. The court overturned the law in 2009, but then reinstated it in 2013. [Times of India]

Colombia fails to stem anti-LGBT violence

As a new anti-gay right-wing government prepares to step into power in Colombia, the country’s trend of violence and murders against LGBT people continues unabated. [Reuters]

Nationalists block Polish gay rights protest

Police, right-wing extremists and LGBT protesters squared off in the Polish city of Czestochowa, near where the country’s prime minister was visiting a famous holy site. [Associated Press]

Brazil’s gay volleyball team

Meet the Angels, one of the only LGBT sports teams in Brazil, and a group of athletes determined to make sports accessible to the next generation. [The Washington Blade]