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Looking back on years of volunteer work

A Lifetime Achievement Hero

2006-2007: Member and executive committee, the
GLBTTQ Community Centre
2006-2010: Member, then facilitator at Pink
Triangle Services women’s group
2006-2010: Meeting facilitator, PFLAG
2007-2009: Board member, Lanark County Interval
2008-2009: Photographer, Capital Pride
2007-2008: Board member, Pink Triangle Services
2008-2010: Steering committee member, Lesbian
Information Xchange
2008-pres: Front-office volunteer, the Vagina
2008-pres: Volunteer, Ten Thousand Villages
2008-pres: Member, membership coordinator then
part of the coordinating committee
for LOG, dance committee
2009: coordinator, Dyke March
2009-2010 Organizer, “Fall Nights, Hot Women”
charity dance