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Looking for a beard

New HBO mini-series stars out cutie Jonathan Groff

On my first watch of the trailer for the upcoming HBO series Looking, all I can think of is, and not without a hint of irony, “Wow, beards are such a thing these days."

Facial hair aside, Looking is a new mini-series that follows Patrick (openly gay actor/singer/dancer Jonathan Groff), a video-game designer living in San Francisco. It looks super cute.

Groff recently spoke to Out magazine about Looking being among “a new wave of almost post-post-gay characters,” which to me means work about queer characters that’s not a coming-out story, strictly frivolity or a tragedy. Not surprising, given one of the executive producers is Weekend writer and director Andrew Haigh.

Also, when they announced the show a little while ago, a friend of mine said something like, “Please let there be at least one person-of-colour main character,” and . . . I mean, from what I can see in the trailer, it’s not totally white guys so . . . yay?