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Looking for a replacement

The big news this weekend was the fact that Stephen Harper is out searching for a replacement for Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean. The Toronto Star reported that Harper approached Rick Hansen, the “Man in Motion,” and was turned down, but The Canadian Press later said that no, Hansen wasn’t asked, but he would seriously consider it.

So who else is being floated? Preston Manning? Wayne Gretzky? Really? Inuit leader Mary Simon is a better choice, given her impressive credentials, including former ambassador to Denmark. Nevertheless, it’s going to be hard coming up with someone who has the wit of Adrienne Clarkson and the glamour and humanity of Jean, and I’ll be sad to see her go when the time comes.

The Toronto Star takes a closer look at the Canada-Colombia free-trade agreement and engages with both Scott Brison and Mario Silva in the process.

Given all the attention she’s been getting lately, The Canadian Press decided to take a bit of a closer look at Canada’s most Intellectually Bankrupt MP, Shelly Glover. Just how intellectually bankrupt is she? Check out the stunning illogic of her insistence that the Liberals have a vested interest in being soft on crime, because “prison inmates vote Liberal during elections. Cops vote Conservative.” Um, then why, logically, would the Conservatives be in the business of creating more prisoners? How does that make any sense? (Hint: it doesn’t).

And Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth is apparently also waging a campaign to get throw pillows for the (gorgeous) deep sofas in the Senate foyer. Apparently there were concerns they would be stolen – even though there are security guards stationed around said foyer.
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