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Los Angeles Dodgers announce LGBT night

Come out to a game of baseball

The LA Dodgers will host their first LGBT night.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced they will host their first LGBT Night Out, to be held Sept 27.

The Dodgers will host the event at Dodger Stadium during a game against the Colorado Rockies.

The event will include a celebrity first pitch, and a surprise guest will perform the national anthem, accompanied by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.

“We are especially proud to welcome and recognize the LGBT community of Los Angeles, an integral part of the city and of the Dodgers community,” Dodgers’ executive vice-president Lon Rosen said in a statement. 

The Dodgers have come a long way. In 2000, a bystander complained about two women who were kissing during a game and the couple was kicked out of the stadium. In response, the Dodgers issued an apology and donated 5,000 tickets to three LGBT organizations. The couple was later invited back to sit behind the home plate for a game.

The Dodgers' press release also invites fans onto the field after the game for music and a fireworks display.