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Love is a battlefield

Painter Paul Richmond shows sensual and strong ‘War Paint’ series in Provincetown

Artist Paul Richmond is no stranger to fighting in the trenches for equality.

The Ohio artist has donated a great deal of his time and energy to resources for queer and trans youth, arts and the fight for marriage equality.

Next week, Richmond’s sensual new painting series, War Paint, which captures the essence of warriorlike queer masculinity with guys smeared in every colour of the rainbow, is opening at Lyman-Eyer Gallery in Provincetown.

Much of the series can be viewed on the Lyman-Eyer website, alongside Richmond’s other works, like from his super sexy Cheesecake Boys series. On his personal website he includes some fantastic process images.

So if you’re in Provincetown some time in the next little while, think of smearing on some war paint and joining the good fight.