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Love your asshole, heal the world

The benefits of regular prostate massage

“Most of the problems in the world today can be blamed on man’s fear of his asshole.”
-Cary Grant

As we all know, the world is dangerously out of balance.

Actually, it’s the men who are running the world who are out of balance.

They are too focused on coercion, control and profit-at-any-cost, and not enough on equality, liberty and sustainable economies.

A dangerous overload of repressed sexual energy in these men is a root cause of their aggressive and destructive behaviour. An energetically balanced man does not harm or oppress anyone; he knows and respects the rules of life, liberty and sustainability.

An easy way to maintain balanced sexual energy is to release the inevitable overload of male energy through the incredibly powerful and healing prostate massage. Men who fear their assholes never experience this great release of emotional and physical stress and can become energetically unbalanced as a result.

Sexual energy is constantly building up in the region of the male sex glands, driving the primal urge to ejaculate.

Most men regularly release their excess sexual energy through masturbation or sex. Some learn how to channel this energy up into the body for creative output or Tantric purposes. Relatively few know how to access and release it with a proper prostate massage.

The reasons that so few men enjoy the benefits of prostate massage are simple ignorance and the irrational fear that playing with one’s asshole is gay, dirty or dangerous.

Prostate massage does not make one a homosexual, it is not dirty when you prepare correctly, and it is the opposite of dangerous: it is exquisitely pleasurable and healing.

A prostate orgasm is many times more powerful and satisfying than an orgasm involving only the penis. More importantly, it releases the excess energy held in the prostate which, if left alone for a long enough time, can result in a cancerous tumor.

Traditionally, doctors would give patients regular prostate massages to cure or prevent disease. Nowadays, a quick finger check for lumps is all that society will allow.

Things might be different if men knew the extent to which neglect can ultimately result in prostate dysfunction, malfunction, and disease. So listen up, men! The best way to avoid prostate cancer is to love your asshole and play with your prostate as often as possible. And the bonus: it feels great!

Men with no outlet for their abundant sexual energy will repress it, often with disastrous results. Repressed sexual energy builds up over time until it inevitably explodes out in aggressive, violent or otherwise dangerous ways.

The pandemic of child abuse by clergymen sworn to celibacy is a good example, but the problem is much larger than that. Unexpressed sexual energy can also be a factor in barroom brawls, spousal abuse, hate crimes and murder. The extension of this unbalanced behaviour on the global scale is war: against each other and against planet Earth.

Through my work as a sexual healer, I have perfected a simple solution that rebalances a man’s energies and prevents aggressive outbursts.

Proper prostate massage releases pent-up sexual energy and brings about lasting feelings of peace, relaxation and blissfulness. Further healing occurs when this powerful energy release is channeled towards specific blockages in the body, resulting in a return to proper energy flow and balance.

The subconscious desire for prostate massage and orgasm may explain the inexperienced man’s curiosity and attraction to men who are more experienced in that area.

I have helped many men develop a healthy relationship with their prostate. Not only are they amazed at the healing power of regular prostate massage and orgasm, they are also extremely thankful for my help in showing them the way.

To massage the prostate, carefully insert a clean and lubricated finger into your anus and reach back and up toward the navel until you feel the fleshy prostate gland. It is located only an inch or two inside the rectum. Gently rub back and forth on the prostate using as much pressure as you can without causing pain. It will pulsate and harden during orgasm; just keep rubbing the hardened prostate until your orgasm is complete.

All men must learn to love their assholes if we are to heal ourselves, each other, and the world.