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Loving Julie Klausner

Acclaimed comedian tosses Toronto’s Bitch Salad

Julie Klausner headlines at Bitch Salad, part of Buddies' Queer Pride. Credit: Mindy Tucker

The inimitable Julie Klausner — author, performer and all-around hilarious lady best known for her podcast How Was Your Week — is heading to Toronto as headliner at the Queer Pride edition of Andrew Johnston’s Bitch Salad comedy show at Buddies in Bad Times. We were fortunate enough to chat with Klausner about her Toronto debut, as well as Liberace, young adult novels and bears.

Xtra: Julie Klausner! You’re coming to Toronto. How did this happen?

Julie Klausner: Andrew Johnston approached me and said, “Come to Toronto and we’ll pay you,” and that was just about enough for me.

Have you ever been to Toronto before?

I was there when I was a little girl because I remember going to that science museum and touching that thing that makes your hair stand on end.

Is it fair to say you’ve got a big gay following?

I think it’s super fair. Gay people have loved me since before I loved me, and I can’t even express the despair I’d feel if I didn’t have as many gay people in my life. I don’t think that straight people are on to me yet. But hopefully, they’ll take your guys’ cue.

Fans of How Was Your Week will be familiar with your live episodes. Is the Bitch Salad gig going to be along those lines, or something else entirely?

To be completely honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. I know that I’m going to be there, physically. Maybe I’ll just drink too much and embarrass myself.

You’ve recently published a young adult e-book called Art Girls Are Easy. Did you read YA growing up?

I loved The Baby-Sitters Club when I was in grade school. And then when I was in junior high, I read a lot of Paula Danzinger books. I was a little bit obnoxious about wanting to read adult material in high school; I wasn’t really dipping my toes into the YA waters. But it’s a really different market now. It’s dirtier than the stuff from when I was growing up, and that was appealing to me when my agent was trying to get me to write one.

You’ve talked a lot about the Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra on your podcast.
I thought it was a beautiful movie.

Would Liberace have liked the movie?

No, I don’t think he would have. I loved it. But there might be something to a really good biography not being lovable to its subject. I mean, Robert Crumb hated the movie Crumb, and that’s an incredible movie.

Do you have a message for the gays of Canada?

Yes. I love you all, except for those of you who are disingenuous or pretentious. And even those I kind of like, because there’s something very attractive about artifice and putting on airs. So basically, I love you all. And, do you guys have bears as much as we do?

Bears are huge right now.

It seems like Canada invented bears. I have a lot of bear friends, and I imagine that Canada very much sets the standard.

Well, it can be a very lumberjackylook.

Yes, no question. And if you did invent bears, thank you.

Canada has no problem claiming that.

Well, thank you on behalf of everybody.