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Loving Spoonful ED resigns

After more than four years at the helm, A Loving Spoonful executive director Sue Moen says she will be stepping down from her post Sep 30.

Moen has served as executive director of the Vancouver-based non-profit that delivers free, fully prepared HIV nutrition-specific meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, since Dec 2001. She began working for the organization in 1997.

“I will be leaving to work with other Vancouver-based AIDS service organizations to create a partnership of all our food services,” Moen tells Xtra West. “The objective is to improve access to quality food and nutrition services. If they’re not there, we want to add more of them. If they are there, we want to make sure people can get to them.”

Moen, who also wants to work in developing countries to establish food programming with an HIV-specific component, will travel to Zambia in early 2007.
She reflects fondly on her service with A Loving Spoonful.

“I am incredibly humbled by the courage and the generosity of the people we serve, the volunteers that make our service possible, our dedicated staff and people at the other agencies,” says Moen. “It (has been) my privilege to support our volunteers and clients to develop A Loving Spoonful to where we are today.”

Moen says the work she’ll take on when she leaves A Loving Spoonful will keep her close to her passion.
“I’m really never going very far,” she says. “Food security is a passion and a social justice issue for me. I’ll be busy for a while yet.”