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Lowest Common Denominator crosses the gay age gap

Zee Zee Theatre’s new play wrestles with intergenerational romance

Daily Xtra interviews Vancouver playwright Dave Deveau on the eve of his new play’s premiere with Zee Zee Theatre. Lowest Common Denominator crosses the gay age gap and wrestles with intergenerational sex and romance.

Playwright Dave Deveau isn’t afraid of a little controversy. Nor is he afraid to tackle potentially tough subjects, as his latest play for Zee Zee Theatre confirms.

Opening Fri, March 14 at the PAL Theatre in Vancouver, Lowest Common Denominator examines intergenerational sex and romance and what happens when a mother feels both protective and left out.

Lowest Common Denominator stars Deborah Williams as the mother; Dallas Sauer as her 17-year-old gay son, Trevor; and Shawn Macdonald as everybody’s love interest, Peter.

In this interview shot and edited by videographer Katie Weldon, Deveau gives us a glimpse inside his characters and answers the question of which one, if any, is the villain.