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Lucas Community: Facebook with prettier cheekbones

Damien Crosse and Rafael Carreras are on Lucas Entertainment's roster.
It’s odd that Facebook has sat atop the throne of social networks for so long when it’s ostensibly the worst. Everyone you know is on Facebook, but whenever people talk about it, they are often complaining. The new layout, the draconian privacy policies, the antiquated stance on adult content, the broken Scrabble app . . . But hey, at least it’s not Google+, right?
Enter Lucas Community, a new social network from Lucas Entertainment. Functioning as the social branch of Michael Lucas’s massive website, Lucas Community is where fans of Lucas Entertainment can go to interact with other fans and the studio’s roster of exclusive models and watch a whole lot of butt-fucking.
For the sake of curiosity, I went ahead and signed up for the site to see what it is like. A trio of smiling, shirtless Lucas models (Adrian Long, Vito Gallo and Tate Ryder) greet potential members and explain the site on its welcome page. It should be noted that in order to sign up for Lucas Community, you also have to sign up for the Lucas Entertainment site. It’s a package deal. I personally didn’t mind, but if you want to sign up for the Community on its own without subscribing to Lucas’s porn library, you are out of luck.
The Lucas site has the sort of refined, polished look the company is known for, especially compared to Facebook’s somewhat cluttered, ad-filled layout. The social interaction between members and models, handled in the Community Reel, feels a bit like Facebook’s main hub, complete with real-time updates as members interact, change their profiles and post dirty pictures. The only real difference here is that rather than just seeing your friends’ updates, you see updates from all members of the site.
One of the big selling points of the site is its Fantasy Fuck page, wherein members can choose from any of Lucas Entertainment’s roster of performers, describe a scene they would like to see happen between them, and then submit it to the page. If the scene is picked up for use in a movie, the member is given three months free on the site as a reward. It essentially functions as a sort of crowd-sourcing mechanism for future projects, which is definitely an interesting idea and something that would be fun to see in action.
Considering it’s only a few weeks old, Lucas Community doesn’t really have many members, so activity on the site is still somewhat muted, but the site is definitely worth a look. It has some good ideas that would be a lot of fun to see bloom to fruition, and if you’re willing to spend a little for a lot, it’s worth a shot. And if nothing else I say can convince you, consider this: unlike on Facebook, your parents will never try to friend you on Lucas Community.