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Lucas Silveira: What is your favourite gay travel destination?

Musician Lucas Silveira discovered amazing beaches lined with seals and a famous boardwalk

Lucas Silveira loves Santa Cruz's amazing beaches and boardwalk. Credit: Courtesy of Lucas Silveira

Whether it's the bustle of New York or the mystic Mayan ruins of Tulum, often one vacation spot resonates with us and becomes a favorite travel memory. 

We asked 20 queer celebrities, business people and movers and shakers: What is your favourite gay travel destination? 

"Santa Cruz, California. I went to perform at Santa Cruz Pride and ended up having an incredible time with local queers and trans men. Amazing beaches lined with seals and the famous boardwalk where the movie The Lost Boys was filmed made me want to go back again. Loved it!" — Lucas Silveira, vocalist/guitarist of The Cliks

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