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Lucky 13

Sexy on-screen moments to flirt by

Ms Thing: more intimacy than a vibrator, less maintenance than a relationship. Credit: Vancouver Queer Film Festival

How far would you go to get lucky?

If your sex drive has taken you places you never intended to go in order to get some, you’ll relate to this night of short films. Admittedly, there are a few overly predictable characters and some cheese-laden dialogue in some of these flicks, but the creative, charming and sexy moments will ensure a good night filled with great opportunities to flirt.

Here’s a snippet of the evening’s programming:

Public Relations is a story about two young women trying to make a go of it as assistants in Hollywood. The cookie-cutter Shane-esque playa is a bit one-dimensional, but by the end of the 15-minute ride, you’ll be cheering for young lust love.

Ms Thing is a clever concept of a film written by Vancouverite Mette Bach and produced by Karen X Tulchinsky, which offers the perfect solution for those who are looking for more intimacy than a vibrator, but less maintenance than a girlfriend or boyfriend. 

The Sheep and the Ranch Hand
When masturbation turns into barnyard frolics, the result is sometimes charming, sometimes baaa-d.