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Lucky heaven

Trans activist Agnes Torres was found lifeless in a Mexican ditch with burn marks all over her body, alluding to torture. She was naked and her throat had been slashed. She was 28 years old, and as a psychologist and educator, was a leading advocate for trans rights in Mexico. More than 2,000 people held vigil outside Puebla’s civic plaza, honouring Agnes’s memory and demanding that the murder be classified a hate crime. Since the new year, there have been six recorded attacks on LGBT citizens in Puebla. 

Juan Pablo Castro, a conservative Mexican politician who recently referred to gays as “faggots” while opposing same-sex marriage, took to Twitter to declare that Agnes was know for preying on young boys and that she deserved to die.

We live in an ugly world sometimes. And with the loss of Agnes’s beauty, it’s an even uglier one. But she didn’t go in vain. The compassion she inspired through her teachings gave a kind of life that can never die — so long as we never forget it!