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Luka Magnotta, celebrity murderers and the thinning line between fame and infamy

Today, Luka Magnotta, the human-like exoskeleton charged with murder, was extradited back to Montreal to face charges. Normally, flying an allegedly dangerous murderer overseas isn’t really a huge story, except in this case, when it pretty much played into exactly what Magnotta wanted: attention. The details from the Toronto Star:

The accused killer arrived in Montreal by military jet in the custody of Montreal police and in the company of both German and Canadian officials, including RCMP officers and Canada Border Services Agency employees. On the tarmac, he was surrounded by armed guards and police vehicles before being placed in an unmarked burgundy van. “It’s entirely exceptional,” said Vancouver lawyer Gary Botting, who wrote the Canadian Extradition Law Practice. “I’ve never heard of it.” Botting said a typical extradition would be carried out on a commercial jet with one or two RCMP officers, even in high profile cases. “Obviously paranoia is the word of the day.”


You know those old thriller movies where the police think they’ve finally beat the killer, only for the killer to turn around and reveal that the police just played right into his or her hand? This is one of those moments.

Here’s the thing: I’m not going to try and dig into the exact reason Luka Magnotta allegedly decided to kill and dismember at least one person. I’m not crazy enough to try and discern how that could possibly be a good idea, and I don’t really want to be. However, generally speaking, a large part of Magnotta’s motivation for pretty much everything he does is simply fame. Or infamy. Whichever one is more easily accessible. For Christ’s sake, the guy was found reading about himself in a German internet café.

I’m not saying we should completely ignore what he did, but when you start feeding into his desperate craving for attention, you’re basically giving him exactly what he wants. For all his reported dark tendencies and criminal instincts, Magnotta is essentially a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum so that someone will look at him.

Well, now we’re looking at you, asshole. Now what? 

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