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Luka Magnotta has fans now. FANS.

A couple days ago, I mentioned something about how giving Luka Magnotta unwarranted amounts of security and breathlessly freaking out over every move just enabled his desperate crush for attention. Well . . . this is happening. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

[…] like many of those famed killers, Magnotta has garnered a collection of “fans.” Some of them say they love him, say he has been set up for a murder, that they want to have sex with him, maybe just get a tattoo of him. Others say he is mentally ill, needs help or they feel sympathetic to his desire to find fame. And some say it was Magnotta in that snuff film that purportedly shows the slaying of Lin, the sex acts performed to his corpse — yet they still find the alleged killer “inspirational.”

You hardly need to go into the deepest, darkest forums in the Internet’s bowels to find these people. They’re just the ones on Facebook. Luka Magnotta’s biggest fan page on Facebook has nearly 1,400 members. There appears to be dozens of other ones. There are groups such as Support Luka Magnotta, where members discuss if they can visit him in the Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Centre, and how they can send him a letter.

“I like Luka Magnotta because he is inspirational, nice, and very, very good looking,” the Support Luka Magnotta administrator, who says she is Destiney St. Denis, 21, of Saskatoon, said in an email. “I have seen the video over 20 times. I do think that was him, and I liked it. He is inspirational because he is not afraid to be himself.” (via the National Post)

Wait, wait, wait . . . let me get this straight here: an alleged pathological liar, murderer, cannibal, necrophiliac and animal abuser (that’s a lot of allegedness) has fans? Like, real, actual people who think he’s a role model and someone to aspire to? And they breathlessly praise him like he’s Lady Gaga?

Please, for the love of god, tell me I’m not the only one who sees the gaping hole in the moral logic here. 

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