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Lurid Digs…Aleholes

The Christmas Train continues here on Up Your Alley and I have another gift for you…this time literally a gift because I made it and want to entertain.

First off, however, I have a gift for me: after some intense back and forth with editor David K and a series of university-esque writing tests, I have managed to pull a fast-one on one of my favourite sites,, and convinced them to let me join their critical panel. North America's Cutest Canook Joins Luriddigs? Goddamn! LOVE THOSE GUYS!! I'll post my posting there here on Up Your Alley.

And now my gift: I've mentioned Aleholes on here a few times, but our first webisode is up and running.

Here's the gist:

Need help? My best friend Ciaran and I are here for you. And guess what: you
won't have to shout over some crappy Nickleback song to get our
attention either.

Over the past six months, we asked Canadians
to send us their troubles in a series of captivatingly strange
questions. Imagine. All those years giving advice to friends over pints
in pubs and bars have finally amounted to something. Who knew.

Got a question? Write us at We're here to help you help yourself…or something.


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