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Lush locks lips in a kiss and tell

Cosmetics company launches nationwide kissing campaign

>Pucker up, get into the kissing mode and make out with your favourite person in support of marriage equality.

Lush staff, customers, friends and supporters in the United States and Canada will be locking lips in a nationwide “Kiss and Tell” outside the Lush store in Byward Market on Saturday, June 18 at 11:38am.

The trendy cosmetics company has launched a two-week protest to urge the US federal government to end discrimination against tens of thousands of couples and families across the country.

Every Lush shop has been turned into a campaign centre where people can drop in, learn about the 1,138 rights denied to same-sex couples in the US and sign a postcard petition asking the government to take action and overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

In a press release, Lush stated that it “believes that all of its employees, customers and communities across North America are valued and should be protected equally. Lush wants to end the ongoing discrimination against thousands of couples and families across America. This means everyone — gay and non-gay — having the freedom to marry, with the same responsibilities, dignity, security and expression of love and equality.”

Laura Johnston is the assistant manager of the Lush store in the Byward market.

She says that customers who have come into the shop this week have found out about the campaign from the website. Most are lured in by the offer of a limited-edition bubble bar — proceeds go to Freedom to Marry in the US — but all have stayed to discuss the topic, show their support and sign postcards.

Johnston says they have been spreading news about the kiss-in by word of mouth and on Facebook. All staff at the Lush store will be puckered and ready to smack lips with their partners.

When asked if Johnston was looking forward to the protest, her answer was simple. “Absolutely! I love making out.”

On a more serious note, Johnston says, “I really hope people come out because it is a great way to show support. It’s that whole community thing of coming together.”