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Macy’s puts two grooms on a cake and shit flies

An image in the latest Macy’s catalogue mailed to consumers (and unavailable online) includes a wedding cake with two grooms on top in the back of a car with a licence plate that reads “I Do.” A group affiliated with the American Family Association has called for the retailer to remove the image, saying it’s “an irresponsible choice that is highly offensive and not family-friendly advertising. Just because gay marriage is legal in a few states does not mean that it’s appropriate marketing."

But Macy’s isn’t backing down and told Fox News, “Macy’s proudly serves a large and diverse marketplace, including customers with a wide range of needs and preferences. We strive to embrace customers of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, races, faith traditions, genders and lifestyles through the products we sell and the content of our marketing. Our goal is to be inclusive. Not everything we sell or do will appeal to everyone, but that is the nature of a free society where consumers can make choices of their own."

Good to know that unlike the American Family Associations and its affiliates, Macy’s has some class.

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