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Madonna and Lady Gaga vs Russia, lawmaker wants their concert money

Madonna and Lady Gaga both performed in Russia in 2012, causing controversy for their defence of gay rights. Madonna handed out pink bracelets, pleaded with concertgoers to find love and acceptance for gay people, and showed support for imprisoned Russian activists/rockers Pussy Riot. As a result, nine plaintiffs filed a civil lawsuit against her for their “moral suffering” at hearing her message. The suit was later dropped.

Now a Russian lawmaker, Vitaly Milonov of the Prosecutor General’s Office (one of the sponsors of Saint Petersburg’s law that prohibits gay “propaganda"), is accusing both Madonna and Gaga of breaking the terms of their visas when performing in Russia, making their collection of money from their performances illegal. He has requested an assessment into whether either artist violated immigration or tax laws. 

The Prosecutor General’s Office released a document stating, ”The visas issued were of the basic cultural exchange sort, which does not grant their bearers the right to engage in any commercial activity.” According to PinkNews, the document says that the Foreign Ministry and the Federal Migration Service may take action upon the findings, if prosecutors decide to proceed with the assessment. 

Madonna’s August 2012 Saint Petersburg MDNA concert brought in $1.1 million dollars. The hope she gave to oppressed gay Russians? Priceless.

Try to recall that, bitch.