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Madonna goes wild

Check out the second single off Madonna’s upcoming album, MDNA. The track is called “Girl Gone Wild” and was co-written with Vancouver’s Jenson Vaughan. I like it better than “Give Me All Your Luvin’” and am glad it doesn’t feature anyone; Madonna’s best on her own. This’ll be a good club track, but it’s a little trite, which is disappointing for someone who recently said, "I feel like all the records on the radio right now have a homogenized quality to them. I’ve made a huge effort to try and not sound like everybody else.” I’m afraid she failed with this one, since it could easily be from any other pop tart. I don’t really know why Madonna worked with producer Benny Benassi. He hasn’t been exciting since 2003. Maybe as a diehard fan I expect too much from her, but I was hoping for a little more innovation. I’m still excited for MDNA, since I usually like the songs she doesn’t release as singles the most.

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