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Madonna is cheap

When Madonna first announced that she’d be returning to Vancouver for the MDNA tour following her last visit in 2008, tickets were selling for hundreds of dollars. But now, CBC is reporting that prices have since been slashed for her two shows at Rogers Arena.

“I think Madonna had a lot of hype initially, so many speculators bought extra tickets thinking they’re going to make a quick buck,” says Mario Lovich, of ShowTime Tickets. “Now they realize they’re stuck with these things, so they flooded the marketplace. If they’re priced right, they’ll sell. That’s why we’re selling tickets like crazy these days. Tickets can be had for $50, $60 for Madonna right now. And that’s a price point most people are happy to pay. $375? Not so much!"

Bitch, please. It is an honour to pay $400 to see Madonna perform! So what if you can’t afford groceries in November? Chew on some MDMNA if you get a craving . . . 

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