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Maggie Cassella: My favourite gay travel destination

Celebrity sound-offs

Maggie Cassella loves P'town and Sitges. Credit: Courtesy of Maggie Cassella

Whether it's the bustle of New York or the Mayan ruins of Tulum, often one vacation spot resonates with us and becomes a favourite travel memory. 

We asked 20 gay celebrities, business people and movers and shakers, "What is your favourite gay travel destination?"

"I think everywhere I am is a gay destination because I’m gay and I’m there. For me, it’s kind of like the gay places are more 'gay and everyone else' now, too. Having said that, if I have to pick my favourite place, I’ll always love Provincetown. Even though it feels less and less gay, it’s so beautiful there. And I love Sitges, which, again, feels very mixed but is also stunning and relaxing and fun." — Maggie Cassella, comedian/actor

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