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Majestic ‘rebrands’ itself

Six months after the Majestic lounge was converted to a nightclub, the gay village business is transforming itself once again.

“We are rebranding the place. It will be called Pulse,” says club co-owner Vince Marino.

“The Majestic had a very good name in the community. We just wanted to rebrand it into a nightclub name,” he explains.

“The Majestic was a restaurant and it had a really great restaurant feel and I think it still had the restaurant feel as opposed to a nightclub,” says the club’s promotions manager, Tommy Dolanjski.

Dolanjski says the decision to change the name of the club was born out of the desire to sever any ties the community may have had in associating the new club with the former restaurant vibe.

With a new bar, club-style seating and the incorporation of a DJ room, Dolanjski says the club will be better than ever. “It’s going to look really sharp. It’s going to be state of the art,” he promises.

Marino says renovations to revamp the space —which had been planned since the summer —began this week.

While the club will be open to all patrons, Marino says Pulse will remain a primarily gay establishment. “It is a gay nightclub. It is for the gay community,” he says.

Marino also emphasizes that that the business has not changed owners, no additional stakeholders are involved and dealings with the city have been completed. “We have that license; we are now utilizing the liquor primary license to its fullest extent.”

Dolanjski says the club will stay open weekends during the renovations to host previously booked Christmas parties and events.

According to Dolanjski, the Majestic will close its doors after Dec 21. While Marino is reluctant to provide an official reopening date, Dolanjski says Pulse is scheduled to open for New Year’s Eve.