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Male victims of sexual assault take to the internet to quote attackers

recent post on BuzzFeed features 27 male victims of sexual assault quoting their attackers or the things friends and family said to them in response to the attacks.

The quotes come from Grace Brown's Project Unbreakable, a Tumblr site that encourages victims of sexual assault to heal through acknowledging the crimes committed against them. 

The comments are disturbing, but not all of them are attributed to men. One male victim holds a quote that reads, "You're a guy, you can't say no to a girl like me." Another is from a trans man who says his girlfriend raped him. 

Rick Goodwin, of Ottawa's The Men's Project and 1 in 6 Canada, says this honesty is a great way to bring awareness to the issue of male sexual abuse. 

Acknowledging the abuse can be empowering if the male victim has a support system and is seeking help in the form of recovery, Goodwin says.