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Malta, superheroes and a lesbian hardware store

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Malta passes groundbreaking gender identity policy

Malta has passed a groundbreaking gender identity law that allows people to change their gender quickly and easily, allows parents to put off assigning a gender to intersex babies, and prohibits discrimination based on gender identity. Even though the European island nation is strongly Catholic, the law is more progressive than any other in Europe.

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Tokyo district recognizes same-sex unions

Tokyo’s Shibuya ward has voted to recognize same-sex unions as equivalent to marriage. The certificates could help gay people avoid housing or work discrimination, although they would not give couples any official status in national law. Japan’s conservative national ruling party is likely to object to the new policy.

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Conservative group attacks Dan Savage sitcom

Influential American conservative media group Media Research Centre has started a petition to cancel an ABC sitcom based on Dan Savage’s life. The petition calls Savage “one of the cruelest, most vile political activists in America.”

The new gay superheroes

At the Advocate, the stars of superhero TV shows Arrow and The Flash talk LGBT inclusion, gay superheroes, and equal opportunity casting. Watch the interviews here.

The decline of a lesbian hardware store

At The Guardian, Julie Bindel mourns the decline of B&Q, a UK hardware store that recently shut 60 locations. Bindel says the store has always been a meeting spot for do-it-yourself lesbians, and a cornerstone of UK lesbian culture.