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Man, 47, dies following heart attack at fly nightclub

Staff used first aid while they waited for ambulance

UPDATE – NOV 11: Around $8,000 was donated to the Ontario Heart and Stroke Foundation after the Nov 6 party, says owner Kier MacRae. About $4,000 was collected at the door from patrons. That amount was matched by Fly.

NOV 3 – A man who had a heart attack at fly’s Halloween party Saturday night later died in hospital, the club’s owner says.

The man was kept alive by staff at the nightclub until paramedics arrived, owner Kier MacRae says. MacRae said the man, 47, had the heart attack at around 4:30am.

At first, it was rumoured that the death was caused by a drug overdose. “It’s always a rumour that it’s an overdose when these things happen,” he says. “But heart attacks are caused by all sorts of things.”

The club shut its doors about an hour early as a result.

“The staff were all very professional and helped revive him till the ambulance arrived,” he says. “The guests all acted responsibly as well.”

Later, police came back to fly looking for a “person of interest,” but MacRae doesn’t know if the two incidents were linked.

Fly will be open this weekend, he says, and the club is offering free cover on Saturday night (Nov 6) to make up for the abrupt end to the Halloween party the week before. Instead of a charge at the door, partygoers will be asked to make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in honour of the man who died, MacRae said.

Toronto police and paramedics did not provide any information when contacted by Xtra.