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Man called a ‘pervert’ for photographing his kids

Today's stories that have queer people talking

A UK woman attempted to stop Gary Crutchley from taking photos of his own children on a slide at the park. “She said I could be taking pictures of just any child to put on the internet and called me a pervert,” explains the father-of-three. The paranoid woman then packed up her kids and sent them off for the weekend with a hockey coach!

In the wave of press leading up to Friday’s hyped-up premiere of “The Dark Knight,” there’s another round of articles asking, “Is Batman gay?” For the last time, people — no, not when he’s played by Adam West. But when he’s played by Christian Bale, yes yes!

It took the promise of a whole lot of money from out-of-state gay weddings for Massachusetts to finally revoke a 1913 law established to prevent interracial couples from marrying elsewhere in the US. Doing the right thing has never been so lucrative!

It seems that singer Tori Amos is a big fan of gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Apocalypse in three…two…one…

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