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Man charged with fraud

Victims ended up with bounced cheques

A 33-year-old man will appear in remand court Jul 22 to face charges stemming from alleged fraud against members of the gay community.

Richard Lee Maracle faces nine charges in all, which include possession of stolen property, theft over $5,000, obstructing police, failure to appear in court and three charges of fraud under $5,000.

Police Service Lieutenant Walter Dario says after gaining his victims’ trust, Maracle is believed to have talked them into depositing his cheques into their bank accounts in return for cash. Then his cheques bounce, leaving the victims without the cash they had given out.

Maracle’s trial begins Jul 22 at 10am in courtroom 10. Coincidentally, Maracle will also be appearing in provincial offences court Jul 22 to face charges relating to driving while under suspension.