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Man dies after inhaling mysterious powder

Quebec party leaves another five ill

Caleb Clarke, a young Ottawa gay man, died in the early morning hours of Sep 3 after ingesting a mysterious white powder.

Witnesses attempted to revive Clarke but say that his heart had already stopped.

Five other people at the after-party in Gatineau also sniffed the powder, resulting in various degrees of sickness.

Sources who request anonymity say the powder was found in the bathroom of a gas station.

Ann Marie Lessard with the Quebec Coroner’s office will not speculate on whether the powder was a cleaning product or a particularly pure form of drugs. Lessard says the coroner’s investigation is on going and definite results will be made available within the coming weeks.

Clarke’s gay friends have been rocked by the incident. He was famous for his quick smile and easy hugs.

“I have always believed that everything happens for a reason; I pray that this tragedy will wake up our community and educate them about the dangers of drug use. Rest in peace Caleb, you will truly be missed,” says Bara Rek-El-Bakhour.

A wake was held Sep 8 at Tubman’s on Richmond Rd.

Capital Xtra will report on the Coroner’s report when it becomes available.