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Managing property in the centre of the universe

Condo owners in the Verve building: the Del Condo Rental team is here to help

Del Condominium Rentals is one of the leading property management solutions for condo owners and tenants in the Greater Toronto Area. Credit: Del Condominium Rentals

“Del Condominium Rentals team is one of the leading property management solutions for condo owners and tenants in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Our homes. Not only are they a sanctuary from the outside world, but they’re also an important expression of ourselves as human beings. When it comes to condo living, decor becomes an essential element in personalizing our living space. But sometimes even our best efforts get let down by a dowdy, featureless building with no character.

Verve is not that building.

Rising from its enviable spot near Jarvis and Wellesley, this 39-storey development is just steps away from Toronto’s gay village; practically on the buckle of the fruit belt. And in keeping with its proximity to a centre of vibrancy and style, Verve is absolutely . . . well, fabulous.

The foyer certainly puts this modern jewel’s best foot forward, featuring a blend of clean white lines and rich dark woods that are perfectly balanced to create comfort without clutter. A splash of crimson behind the 24-hour concierge desk provides a fantastic visual pop, while the sweeping curved staircase seriously ups the wow factor.

“It’s such a beautiful building,” says Mary Casey, operations manager at Del Condominium Rentals. “And you can’t beat the location. You see so many ads talking about a place being ‘just steps’ from downtown, but Verve really is near the centre of everything.”

Del Condominium Rentals is one of the leading property management solutions for condo owners and tenants in the Greater Toronto Area. And while the company’s portfolio of properties is filled with impressive units from Mississauga to Vaughan, Casey admits to Verve being one of her favourites.

“The building itself has so many high-end features,” she says. “There’s a full personal fitness gym, with cardio, weight-training and a yoga room, and a beautiful sundeck with outdoor pool and cabanas. But honestly it’s the community there that I really love.

“We have tenants that lived there since the building opened in 2008, and I hear over and over how wonderful the atmosphere is. The pool is a great place to socialize with your neighbours, but you can also head to one of the cabanas with a book and just relax outdoors. It’s a friendly place.”

Friendly, but not raucous. Casey does caution that Verve isn’t the place for inveterate party animals, and points to Del’s rigorous standards when renting owners’ suites out to tenants.

“We are very careful with our application process. We have many long-term tenants at Verve, and I do believe it’s because we investigate as thoroughly as possible before entrusting a unit to a tenant.”

With over 400 suites, ranging from modest bachelors and studios to two-bedroom units, Verve offers owners a wide range of options when purchasing an income property. The advantage of hiring a company like Del is obvious: once you’ve bought the place, you can sit back and let Mary and her colleagues handle all the work.

“We manage over 80 suites at Verve, and only one is vacant at the moment,” Casey points out. “The condos appreciate in value, of course, so the tenant fees cover your expenses as well as providing some extra income, depending on mortgage and maintenance fees. It’s a sound investment, especially considering the location and the demand for quality living in the downtown core.”