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Manchester’s sauna and sex scene

Saunas and sex clubs offer fun, no boundary, sex-filled experiences

The Basement Complex in Manchester has a large, new sauna and steam room, free wifi, and two spas.  Credit:

Anyone who followed the late ’90s television series Queer as Folk knows about Manchester. This UK city, with a population of two and a half million, is not only seen as one of Europe’s best gay destinations but it’s also known to have one of the friendliest gay communities in the world. The ever-busy Canal Street, in Manchester’s gay village, is filled with tons of gay bars and restaurants, popular year round and especially on weekends when locals from nearby towns and villages flock to the gaybourhood.

When the Guardian interviewed local DJ Krystal Klear said the diversity is what makes Manchester nightlife so unique. “People in Manchester are so open-minded there are no real boundaries . . .” he said.

So for those looking for a fun, no boundaries, sex-filled experience in Manchester, consider these sex clubs and saunas.

Start with Cruz 101, one of the most popular gay clubs in Manchester. The club boasts that it is the city’s favourite gay venue and tries to live up to its reputation for “good music, a great atmosphere, horny men, flattering lighting and all at prices that won’t break the bank.” Housed in a former shipping warehouse, the club is open six days a week, has two floors and plays everything including disco, house, pop, trance and R&B. The club has a strict door policy, so if you want to avoid being denied entry, consider applying for a membership. For £10 a year, you’ll receive a discounted entry fee and the opportunity to jump the queue with up to four other guests. Cruz 101 is also the club that was the inspiration and scene for much of Queer as Folk.

For late-night adventures, the gay-owned H20 Sauna is located just off Canal Street. With a café, eucalyptus steam room, Jacuzzi, dry sauna with starlights and a porno lounge, the gay sauna attracts a strange mix of late-night guests. Online reviews say that the H20 is welcoming to guests and offers lots of action, with one man admitting to having his bits felt up by several people. It’s located in the gay village, so while often a bit dirty, it’s popular for the area. Many people will show up as the nearby clubs close.

Another sauna option is the Basement Complex, which has a large, new sauna and steam room, free wifi and two spas. Heat Sauna in one of Manchester’s suburbs has much of the same offerings, but holds unique events like Naked Mondays and for those of you who like redheads, Ginger Tuesdays.

The Eagle is a popular alternative to Manchester’s more seedier locations. This male-only members venue is located in the centre of the gay village and is set in an industrial building decorated in a Victorian style. Inside, the men are manly and there’s often a musky smell in the air. Their website claims to “explore the depths of your mind” with their different themed rooms. Here you can meet and fulfil your fantasies with other men in a private, discreet environment. Upstairs from The Eagle is a beautiful café popular during the daylight, the Richmond Tea Rooms.

Anyone looking for clubbing, with “a bit more sleaze” should hit up the gay fetish event held by Alert! in Manchester every month. This fetish-focused event appeals to those who have enthusiasm for leather, rubber, military and dom/slave relationships.

Some swinger clubs in Manchester play host to special nights for bisexuals and transexuals, including Adam and Eve’s Club, which will start holding events every Monday in January 2016. The club has four different playrooms, shows adult movies and has a wet room with a jacuzzi and sauna. Decadance Club, which runs Trantastic Tuesday events, has a dungeon-themed playroom equipped with a St Andrew’s cross and an assortment of whips to choose from.

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Cruz 101
Wed, Thu & Sun, 11pm-5am; Fri & Sat, 11pm-6am
Entry: £4

H20 Sauna
Sun-Thu, 11am-11pm; Fri, 11 am-12am, Sat, all day
Entry: Sun-Tue, £10; Wed-Thur, £8.50; Fri-Sat, £13

Basement Complex
Open 24 hours.
Entry: Daily from 9am-4pm, £9.50, from 4pm-9am, £15. Students are free on Wednesdays.

Heat Sauna
Mon-Fri, 1pm-10pm; Sat from 1pm until Sun 10pm
Entry:  £11

The Eagle
Mon-Thu, 5pm-3am; Fri-Sat, 5pm-6am; Sun, 2pm-3am
Membership only.

Usually the fourth Friday of every month, from 11 pm-4am.
Membership only – £6 and temporary membership for a single event is £1.

Adam and Eve’s Club
Mon, 11am-12am
Membership only.

Decadance Club
Tue, 8pm-12pm
Entry: £5