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ManChyna will do things to your face

Toronto musician raps race politics, queer masculinity, popcorn

“Chinese-up them eyes like Beyoncé,” is an actual thing said on actual TV. It’s also the name of Toronto-based rap artist and burlesque performer ManChyna’s latest song and music video.

The original line was uttered on Episode 308 of The Wire, when a group of dealers are fooling around with a computerized face reconstructor, making their perfect woman.

ManChyna, it would seem, has some other ideas for identifying suspects as he gets cinematically freaky. Maybe some black lights to look for semen stains?

Check out his latest music video on YouTube, or if you’re into his brand of “part burlesque and part faggotronic rap,” you can follow ManChyna as he “strip hops around Canada like a sissy MIA” on his Bandcamp page.