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Mandy Steckleberg loves the gays

Hey Mandy, the feeling is mutual!

Sure, the song's not as catchy as "I Kissed a Girl" but Aussie writer Tim Duggan has a problem with Katy Perry: she's a dangerous fauxmosexual!

Teachers in Wales are to get new training to stop homophobic bullying (or is it "hmffbk bllyng"?)  This is good news for Daffyd.

The comic strip "Doonesbury" reveals that Sarah Palin has been good for the gays in the US. 

But of course the big story today is our nailbiter of an election. With the choices we've got, a great number of us will feel compelled to stay home but please don't — the stakes are too high. To pick just one example, the Conservatives have chopped budgets for community AIDS organizations, a move that inspired this protest mascot last November:

Please think of this image when you head out to the polls today.  Doesn't matter which other party you vote for, just vote!

Starting at 9pm ET tonight, I'll be liveblogging the election results with my much-smarter colleagues Marcus McCann in Ottawa and Robin Perelle in Vancouver. We'll provide the (off)colour commentary on tonight's proceedings so please, check back in!