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Many stories, multiple interpretations

Marcos Armstrong is inspired by people he meets

Credit: Xtra West files

Michael Venus: Marcos, tell me what you do for a living and what you do as your hobbies or pastimes.

Marcos Armstrong: For a living I work in advertising. It’s the ideal industry for me-a combination of creativity, communication and planning. Outside work, I am finding ways to express myself and ideas, both in private and in public. These days, especially since moving to Vancouver three years ago, I am really into photography and writing.

MV: Tell me about your photography and writings and where your inspirations to express yourself comes from as well.

MA: My family is a huge inspiration for me-a crafty, camera-happy, chatty lot. Surroundings and experiences influence me greatly. When I lived in London a new world revealed itself to me and I wanted to document it. I believe everything and everyone has many stories and I like to explore and express my interpretation of these ideas through photos. Also very inspired by graphic and light design, late night conversations with friends, and street culture-the West End is supreme for this. Recently I did some fashion photography for a local magazine, and I’ve showed some of my digital photos in a gallery space and on websites. Writing is more meditative and personal for me. Ideas come from the interesting people I meet wherever I go.

MV: You aren’t from Vancouver originally, so let our readers in on where you are from originally and how your path led you here.

MA: My hometown is Calgary. Growing up in a suburb, I saw the world as a vast and mysterious place. Throughout university, I hosted a weekly radio show called Radiant St8, played my favourite music and interviewed DJs and musicians. I spent my summers in Banff and met people from all over. I needed something new so I moved to the UK and worked at a small ad agency doing promotions and events for club nights. Then I worked for a television network where I managed outside productions. I realized how as a shared experience, media can reflect and reveal so much about a culture-a popular TV show, club listings in a magazine or pirate station DJs. After a couple years overseas, I decided to move to Vancouver because I’ve always wanted to live by the ocean.

MV: Tell me more about what you were up to while living in Europe.

MA: Travelling to Europe-never as much as I wanted to! Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid and Zurich-where phone booths are lit with neon pink and doorways are flooded in blue light. Crossed paths with amazing people. London is great for that. You really do feel a part of the global village. Incredible clubs, film, art and music festivals. A highlight was seeing Carl Cox play at the End, a superb techno/drum’n bass club. The Underground tubes, as well as a train ride to see my family in Spain are also brilliant experiences.

MV: What are your favourite things about living in Vancouver?

MA: Radiant surroundings, vibrant neighborhoods, a modern, creative spirit. Utopian, seaside living.

MV: Would you agree with me when I say that being a gay man is a plus and, especially with aesthetic and the arts, naturally having more advantages?

MA: Having a unique perspective helps. Everyone has this, especially anyone who has ever been marginalized or treated differently. I think that’s something most gay brothers and sisters have in common. Some use it positively, some do not. Our history of struggling to express ourselves has allowed us to be more vocal today.

MV: What can we expect from you in the future?

MA: More stories-words and photography. Displaying more. Revisiting past sources of inspiration. Working on projects with my collective of creative friends.

MV: What is your favourite kind of sex?

MA: With another person who loves and understands you. Nothing can replace that.

MV: What is your kinkiest story to leave our pervy wervy readers with-to perhaps make their blood flow to their private parts, leaving them engorged and tingling?

MA: London cab ride through windy streets black sky, rainy night.