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Marco Da Silva talks Kylie Minogue, Madonna and the Poni launch

Marco Da Silva is a dancer and choreographer who has worked with some of the biggest stars in entertainment. He’s also a noted DJ and will be coming to Vancouver Feb 25 to spin at the Poni launch at Five Sixty. You can get tickets online or at Priape.

Blitz & Shitz: You’ve worked with some of the greatest divas: Britney, Janet and Kylie, to name a few. Who left the biggest impression on you? Who did you learn the most from?

Marco Da Silva: Being in this business for so long now had me experience amazing things in life. Meeting beautiful artists, creating memories that will stay unforgotten to me. If I would have to choose one artist that I learned the most from then it would be Kylie Minogue. I stood by her the longest. Worked amazing five years with Kylie and toured three world tours with her. She is a beautiful spirit and an icon that has been around for decades. I learned from Kylie to be humble, to focus, whether there is ups and downs, whether people judge you or love you. She is a true diva without the fact of being difficult. Very inspiring person.

B&S: Who haven’t you worked with that you would like to in the future?

MDS: Well, I never started to work to collect names. I wanted to collect emotions and feelings. If I have to mention someone it would be Madonna, ‘cause she is an artist that treats her dancers as artists and that features her dancers extremely in her shows, but most tempting about her is that her shows have no budget boundaries and therefore are an absolute dream for every dancer to be a part of.

B&S: Your career has evolved from dancing to choreography to DJing; how did that come about? Which is your favourite to do?

MDS: I was always a person that was never satisfied with one thing, so I always wanted to be successful in many things. My drive and inspiration to succeed came from childhood traumas where people would always tell me I can’t become this, I am that, I don’t look like that, I don’t belong to this
. . . So these people till today are my motivators. I cannot tell you what is my favourite to do because I genuinely love both and both give me a different sensation.

B&S: As a DJ, what influences/inspires you?

MDS: Overall grooves inspire me, culture inspires me, underground music in many genres inspires me, obviously my favourite producers inspire me, getting out of my own comfort zone inspires me! Having fear to be different inspires me, taking risks inspires me!

B&S: What can we expect at the Poni launch at Five Sixty? 

MDS: I would say don’t expect anything and be open to everything. Only then will you have fun! What I will tell you is that I will be bringing a different sound to Vancouver. I will invite you to my house!

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