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Mariah Carey “Obsessed”

Do you remember the time when Mariah Carey albums didn't have ridiculously ridiculous album titles? The Emancipation of Mimi? Rainbow? Charmbracelet? Glitter? Sparkle?

Lo and behold, she has a new album coming out in August called Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.


I am a rabid Mariah Carey fan and I will defend her zany antics and kooky creative largesse to the death. However, that small voice in the back of my head (Celine Dion?) tells me that we're in for another doozy folks.

Here's her new summer single, "Obessed"


Too commercial?

Is her name now Mariah "TI" Carey? Hello, vocoder. Why? WHY?

I keep waiting for Butterfly to fly back into her lifeand will continue to listen to this new stuff in secret while working out at Fitness Girl.