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Mario Silva looks forward to the fall sitting

With the fall sitting now underway, I spoke to Liberal MP Mario Silva after Question Period today about what he's looking forward to. 

Q: How was your summer?
A: It was very good. Had a great summer. I had the opportunity to go with the leader on tour, and did a lot of constituency work, and there were a lot of wonderful events happening in my riding. It was a fantastic summer, actually.

Q: I didn’t see your name in the critic shuffle. Do you have any other duties this fall?
A: I still have my same responsibility, which is special advisor on Latin America. It’s still part of my portfolio.

Q: Anything going on with that this fall that you’re looking forward to?
A: The trade committee, which I think I’ll be back on it, we’re looking at the Panama Free Trade Agreement, which is coming up. That ties into my critic position.

Q: What about the status of the Anti-Semitism inquiry report?
A: We are having our meetings starting next week, and we hope to finalise the report in a week or two. The report is finished, and it’s been distributed to all the members. Unfortunately because of the break, we haven’t’ had a chance to meet to go over any issues that might have arisen from the report, so our first meeting will be next week, and after that we’ll hopefully go forward with the report and have it out in public.

Q: Anything else going on this fall that you’re looking forward to?
A: We have the Anti-Semitism Conference taking place in November on the 8th, 9th and 10th and that will take up a lot of our time. We hope to have a great delegation of people from all over the world, of Members of Parliament, and fantastic speakers.

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