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Mario Silva talks about the Liberal Convention

After Question Period yesterday, I also caught up with MP Mario Silva, and asked him about this weekend's convention in Vancouver.

Q: What are you looking forward to most for the convention?
A: It’s a great opportunity for us to get together with Liberals from across the country to hear, to share our experiences, to reinvigorate the party, as we face the possible coming elections as well. It’s a great opportunity to also demonstrate our new leader and his vision for the country.

Q: Is there anything policy-related that you could give me a hint about what’s going to be talked about?
A: I think a lot of the policies that we’re going to be focusing on are how to get our party into the twenty-first century. There’s a lot of policy resolutions that I think our party should adopt including one-member one-vote, which I’m very supportive of, and that will put us in good footing for us to pick a new leader [the next time] and put our party forward. It’s a method that’s been used by other parties, I think it’s a really good idea and I’m very supportive of it, and hopefully they’ll adopt it as well.

Q: I’ve heard hints that the gay organ donor ban may be coming up on the floor. Have you heard that as well?
A: No I haven’t, but certainly it would be great to talk to some of them and figure out what the issues are going to be, and how we can help them and work with them as well.