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Marriage, not-so-equality

Same-sex marriage, Spousal Vetos for trans people, no porn for anyone in the UK

I’m not a big fan of same-sex marriage. Actually, it’s more accurate to say I’m not a big fan of the state controlled, legally based, economic, exclusionary contract that marriage is in general, whether of the homo or hetero variety.

It’s very easy to get excited about same-sex marriage wins, and mistaking that to mean we live in a particularly progressive society. When you think about it, though, same-sex marriage is just the government telling us how we’re allowed to have legally recognized relationships. Also, what kind of legal control we have over our partners.

For instance, the recent Same Sex Marriage Bill passing in the United Kingdom: in order for trans-identified people to receive their Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), which allows them to change their official documentation and receive any kind of legal protection, they must either end any civil partnership they’re in, or change their official relationship to being married. However, if they do that “the Same Sex Marriage Bill requires your spouse to consent to the granting of a GRC.” Meaning that their spouse has the option to “veto” their receiving the GRC, thus withholding those rights.

Not exactly “marriage equality."

Also, the UK government seems eager to dictate their citizens’ desires. Prime Minister David Cameron announced his plans to force Internet suppliers to block pornography to customers unless they opt into it.

I’m not implying this is all just a conspiracy to trick gay people into a global conservatism movement while rights are slowly eroded in every other political theatre except for same-sex marriage… unless that’s exactly what I’m implying.