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Marriage repeal, fake news and gonorrhea kisses

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pictured at a welcoming ceremony inside the Great Hall of the People on Dec 4, 2017 in Beijing, China. Credit: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Bermuda votes to repeal same-sex marriage

The House of Representatives of the British territory of Bermuda has voted 24 to 10 to repeal same-sex marriage rights, less than a year after they were passed. Bermuda would become the first territory to pass same-sex marriage legislation and then take it back. [The Washington Blade]

HIV myths foster Russian epidemic

With limited access to drugs and poor medical care, HIV is endemic in many parts of Russia. What makes it worse is that some doctors and media spread the myth that AIDS doesn’t really exist. [The Daily Beast]

Gonorrhea may be spread by kissing

Australian researchers say they have found evidence that Gonorrhea may be spread by saliva more easily than was thought, making transmission through kissing possible. They also say mouthwash may help prevent infection. [IFLS]

Trudeau takes cover of gay magazine

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be the first Canadian leader to grace the cover of Attitude, a popular UK gay magazine. [Attitude]

Gay man carrying PrEP in luggage deported from Australia

Border agents in Australia have deported a gay German man after finding sex toys and HIV-prevention medication PrEP in his luggage. Agents have accused him of entering Australia to do sex work. [Gay Star News]