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Marriage timeline

• Feb 11, 1974. Chris Vogel and Richard North wed in a Unitarian Church in Manitoba. Their application to have their marriage legally recognized is denied

• June 10, 1999. The Quebec National Assembly unanimously passes Bill 32 ensuring that same-sex couples received equal treatment to hetero common-law couples

• Jan 14, 2001. Rev Brent Hawkes of the Metropolitan Community Church Of Toronto marries Elaine and Anne Vatour, and Joe Varnell and Kevin Bourassa under the Christian tradition of the reading of the banns

• Jun 10, 2003. The Ontario Court Of Appeal rules that effective immediately, same-sex couples should be entitled to marry; denying them wedding licences would be unconstitutional. Michael Leshner and Michael Stark become first couple to marry

• Jun 17, 2003. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announces that the government will draft legislation to legalize same-sex marriage

• Jul 8, 2003. The BC Court Of Appeal – which had in May ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, but had imposed a two-year delay on the ruling – changes its mind and allows same-sex marriage immediately

• Jul 17, 2003. Chrétien submits a three-question reference to the Supreme Court Of Canada asking if his marriage bill is okay

• Jan 28, 2004. New Prime Minister Paul Martin reaffirms Liberal commitment to marriage but adds a fourth question to the Supreme Court reference, thus delaying the hearing until after the federal election

• Mar 19, 2004. Quebec Court Of Appeal releases unanimous decision allowing same-sex marriage to commence there immediately

• Jul 14, 2004. The Supreme Court Of The Yukon Territory approves the application of Rob Edge and Stephen Dunbar to marry, and awards the couple costs

• Jul 21, 2004. Ontario lesbian couple files for divorce. Feds agree not to oppose changes to Divorce Act

• Sep 16, 2004. Manitoba Court Of Queen’s Bench approves same-sex marriage. One of the appellant couples is North and Vogel

• Sep 24, 2004. Supreme Court Of Nova Scotia rules that same-sex couples must be included in the definition of marriage in that province.