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Marriage vote likely Dec 6

Advocates want to put uncertainty to rest

A year after Stephen Harper first promised to re-address same-sex marriage on Parliament Hill, he?s set a date. On Wed, Dec 6 Parliament will begin debating a motion asking MPs whether or not they would like to revisit the issue.

For equal marriage advocates, this has been a long time coming. After 35 years of discussion and five years of intensive debate, same-sex marriage became law of the land on Jul 20, 2005. Then, in November, Harper pledged to have a vote in Parliament reconsidering the law.

?We look forward to Mr Harper taking this off his political agenda,? says Laurie Arron of Canadians for Equal Marriage.

Harper has always indicated that he would take a two-pronged approach to broaching a renewed equal marriage debate. First he will introduce a motion asking MPs whether or not they want to reopen the issue. If that passes, a full-fledged bill would be required to repeal gay marriage.

Meanwhile, Carleton students will head to the Hill to demonstrate their support for equal marriage on Dec 7. Demonstrators are invited to gather at Carleton University (University Centre, room 427) for muffins and to make signs. They will arrive at Parliament Hill at approximately 11:30am.

If a Dec 6 vote defeats the motion to reconsider marriage rights, the Carleton students will turn their demonstration into a celebration party, says organizer Michael Wiseman of the Carleton GLBT Centre.