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Mary Walsh unleashes Dancing with Rage

Look out, Stephen Harper

Mary Walsh
Mary Walsh, the Canadian comedian and shit-disturber extraordinaire, has hit the stage with her new one-woman show, Dancing with Rage. 
In the video interview below, Fab magazine’s Paul Bellini, who worked with Walsh on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, talks with his old friend about the show, physical mishaps and politics.
“It’s like the whole world has become alcoholics or something,” Walsh says of politicians. “I’ll just lie about this. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie!”
One particular politician, Mayor Rob Ford, has gotten under Walsh’s skin. “You couldn’t get to see him at the office. He’s very, very anti-press, so we thought we would just do that.”
Walsh’s “that” is a segment on This Hour Has 22 Minutes in which she ambushed Ford outside his home. It resulted in a 911 phone call, police involvement and nationwide headlines.
“That was so bizarre,” she says.
Dancing with Rage includes some of Walsh’s most memorable television characters, such as Marg Delahunty. There is even a storyline that involves Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a possible love child.
Walsh is currently performing Dancing with Rage at Toronto’s Panasonic Theatre from Tues, March 5 to Sun, March 24.